Fun Theme Photo Meme

The New Photo Meme

The fun theme photo meme is a new project encouraging people to have fun with photography. For many years I hated seeing pictures of myself but after I lost weight a few years ago I began taking pictures of myself again. With the introduction of D/s and my blog I began taking part in Sinful Sunday and LIFE, two weekly run photo memes which did help to improve my self confidence, but with my health taking a turn I find I do not have time to take many pictures and my participation has dwindled. I do not have loads of different sets of lingerie that fit me (thank you weight gain) and I am definitely not feeling sexy lately! I wanted a place where I did not need to create a new image every week, a place where I didn’t have to be nude if I didn’t feel like it, a place where I felt at ease and accepted for being me.

An Idea is born!

Ok, so that’s a little dramatic! I want to create a place where other people who feel the same way could find a home. A place where you have lots of time to take part, which is why each theme will last a month. The fun theme photo meme will be exactly that – a fun place for you to share photos. There will be a theme each month that you can interpret how you wish, and if there are themes that prove popular I will do them again. I have ideas for a few different themes but would welcome ideas from you too. I will add the upcoming themes in the sidebar as soon as possible. The important thing is that you feel you can participate, this meme is open to anyone – if you can take a picture you can take part!

Feel free to link up more than once in the month and I would really appreciate it if you would support the other people who link up by visiting their blogs and liking or leaving a comment on their images.

Smile for the Camera!

6 thoughts on “The New Photo Meme”

  1. This is a brilliant idea. I don’t take part in Sinful Sunday on a regular basis as I just can’t come up with ideas every week so your meme is right up ny street.Especially as I love fun and humour.

  2. Posy Churchgate

    I would love to participate, I too find there feels a slight pressure when a photo meme up-dates weekly, so I think your more relaxed outlook is going to suit my ‘unformed’ photography skills better. Count me in!

  3. Yey!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your photographs.

    I too am “unformed’ so you will be in perfect company 😁😁

    Sweetgirl x

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