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June 2020 #3 ‘Half full, half empty, half time’

I want to begin by extending a huge thank you to everyone who shared their images of spring for the May prompt. If you haven’t seen them click HERE to visit the page, there is an amazing selection of photos! The theme this month is quite broad. As June is half way through the year I thought ‘half’ would be an interesting thing to think about.

Half full, half empty, half time.

As the delightful Jon Bon Jovi declared, ‘we’re halfway there’; June is the 6th month of the year and so far most of us have spent almost half of the year so far in lockdown! This confinement has affected us all and May being Mental Health Awareness Month has done a lot to highlight it, I thought the prompt for June needed to be something that would enable open interpretation. How we look at life can have a big impact on our mental health, an optimist tends to look for the positives, where a pessimist will look for the negative, the realist accepts it that it simply is what it is. So, is this a serious topic? Not necessarily. Whether you think the glass is half empty or full why don’t you share pictures of your beverages?

The possibilities are endless. What about the halftime entertainment in sporting events? Do you have a cheerleader outfit? Does Bon Jovi inspire you? Are you halfway to something? Want to talk about your other half, or even the moon? Let your imagination run wild, and make sure you have fun with your camera!

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6 thoughts on “June 2020 #3 ‘Half full, half empty, half time’”

  1. Oh for God’s sake, SG, why did you have to show those cheerleaders? I get horny looking at the Weathergirls on the news. (okay, I know that wasn’t PC, but Weatherwomen doesn’t sound right)

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