Fun Theme Photo Meme

About The Meme

What do I need?

To take part in the Fun Theme Photo Meme all you need is a camera, (or a mobile phone with a camera) and possibly a sense of humour! There will be a different theme each month, but how you interpret that theme is really up to you.

What types of images are suitable?

Anything and everything! As long as you had fun creating it (and didn’t break any laws) then it’s suitable.

To keep the meme as inclusive as possible I want to leave the parameters and rules to a minimum. To that end the meme is open to anyone over the age of 18.


  • No images depicting illegal activities or persons under 18.
  • Images must be your own.
  • Please do not share images which depict bodily fluids. For example, blood.

To link your image use the inlinkz tool and ensure that you have linked back to the page or site. We ask you to do this for two reasons, firstly it allows your readers to easily find the meme’s home, which brings us to the second reason; it supports other participants. If you do not link back to the meme your post may not be accepted as inlinkz will check your linked post for an active link.

Apart from these little rules, join in, have fun, share and promote.

I look forward to seeing the wonderful images you all come up with for the Fun Theme Photo Meme!

Sweetgirl x

4 thoughts on “About The Meme”

  1. Well I’m glad I no longer have my period because I would be showing my bloody tampon. *gagging*
    LOL. I know there must be some movement to cure the stigma of period blood. *shrugs*
    and I am sorry for forgetting to promote this on SB4MH this past Sunday. 🙁
    I gotcha next prompt.

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