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Win-win wedding makeup

Wedding. On this day, every bride should look irresistible! In her unique, elegant, romantic and touching image, everything should be in harmony: the wedding dress, the wedding hairstyle and makeup. A lot of attention should be paid to the makeup. It emphasizes the bride’s naturalness, beauty and individuality. And to make-up in a way that you look flawless in the photos and videos, can a professional wedding make-up artist.

Today, glossy magazines, TV shows and blogs are full of different variants of wedding make-up. But if you have a hard time making your choice, opt for a win-win variant. It will emphasize the beauty, focusing on the naturalness, bring to the image of romance, tenderness and magic.

Base and correction of facial contours.

A quality and long-lasting foundation will even out the color and tone of the face, making the skin even, beautiful and radiant. Together with this, the makeup artist will correctly correct the shape of the face and correctly place accents. This will not allow you to be lost against the white dress and veil and look perfect in the video and photos.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul!

The eyes are the most important part of the bridal makeup. Therefore, you should use only professional and high-quality cosmetics that will remain unchanged throughout the entire wedding day. Shadows are selected tender, light and translucent “classic” shades: milk-white, dusty pink, shades of caramel and champagne. However, for more expressive eyes more saturated shades of matte shadows are also used. It can be a taupe or brown pigment, which is applied to the outer corner of the eye. It remains to apply black volumizing and must be waterproof mascara. And the eyes will get expressiveness and contrast. To exclude possible eye fatigue at the end of the day will allow a beige pencil, which is applied to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.

Lip makeup and a light blush

Lip makeup in this case should be made as natural and stable as possible. Very often an adaptive shade pencil is applied to the entire surface of the lips. Then they are covered with a transparent gloss. This creates a glossy effect. The final touch of a win-win makeup is a light blush. The perfect makeup will complete the unique image of the fairytale bride. It will reflect her beauty, personality and perfection. And the most important decoration of the celebration will be the sparkling shine, which will be emitted by the happy eyes of the bride!

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