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Why you shouldn’t give up your second wedding day

Almost every couple used to have a second wedding day, but now there is a tendency to abandon it, as the newlyweds believe that this day is basically unnecessary and is a waste of money and time, both their own and guests’ time. Why, after all, is the second day not a bad idea at all, from which there is no point in turning away?

To begin with, it’s worth looking at the reasons why most couples still refuse a second day. These reasons are absolutely practical after all. The first is related to the fact that two wedding days will naturally require a larger budget, and in today’s crisis conditions it is not possible to find extra money, so couples limit themselves to one wedding day.

The next reason is sending the couple on a honeymoon. Now the newlyweds are more often going directly to the wedding journey on the very next day after the wedding, so the second day they just do not have time to celebrate, they would rather bask in the warm sea than deal with the organization of another festive day.

But, as noted above, there are reasons why it’s still worth making time for the second wedding day.

The next wedding day usually only brings half of the guests, and usually this is the closest half, which means that the second day is an opportunity to once again celebrate such a joyful event, but only in a small circle next to your near and dear ones.

Acquaintance guests who have not even seen each other before the wedding has already happened, which means that on the second day they will feel more comfortable, for sure they will find a greater number of topics for conversation, they will not be shy with each other, and maybe even become friends.The next wedding day will certainly be more budgetary than the first. Also, experts do not recommend making too active a program for the guests, as they are probably tired and just want to relax. Sometimes on the second day of the wedding there is not even a presenter, there is only music and each of the guests, if he wants, just enjoy the dancing and the delicious food.

You can go to the kebabs with the whole company, it is quite a budget option, but it will surely appeal to all, the main thing is that someone in advance engaged in the preparation of all the necessary things and directly to the meat.

In order to calculate the most accurate budget, it is better to ask the guests in advance who plans to attend the second day of the wedding, and who will not come.

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