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What do you lose when you save a lot on your wedding


By saving on the services of a wedding photographer, you can end up with the following.

A lot of photos will simply be out of focus, because the equipment that inexpensive photographers use is usually amateur level and not designed for the conditions of use at a wedding. Agree with the fact that hardly anyone would buy a $1,500-$5,000 camera and $500-$3,000 lenses and a $500,000 flash to then go around photographing weddings. Expensive equipment, of course, is not a guarantee of quality, the photographer takes the photos, not the camera. But the percentage of defective photos in amateur cameras is much higher than in professional ones.

What do you lose when you save a lot on your wedding?

If you think that with $3,000 to $5,000 worth of equipment someone will take a risk and photograph an entire wedding day cheaply, that just isn’t the case. For such money you get nothing more than amateur shots, which may be in the future will be processed well and no more.


The technique is a little different here, almost every camera today, even the phone can give a good picture in the video. But, good stabilization, sharpness and possibility to separate background from object you take photos in video is available only for DSLR cameras or very expensive professional cameras, which are used at shooting films. Pay attention to that – an inexpensive video operator will most likely use either a camera or a camera with a cheap lens. Also with inexpensive approach most likely the sound during the banquet will be recorded only on camera. In a professional approach, the sound is recorded on a special device that allows you to make congratulations to your guests more, audible when watching the movie. This approach, of course, makes videotaping and editing more expensive, but also of high quality.

If you really want to save money on wedding photo and video services, order the cameraman and photographer in one place, it’s really cheaper.

Toastmasters, presenters – inexpensive presenters can behave insecurely, it is difficult for them to gather all the guests. Conduct a contest. Also, an inexpensive presenter can have an inexpensive microphone, which will ruin all the voices, squeak, squeak.


Here it’s simple, the more equipment, light and other used the more expensive. Often if the budget Dj, he does not pay attention to what kind of people you have at the wedding and what his preferences in music, in general, rolls only what he likes himself.

To save money on the presenter and Dj of course it’s better to order everything in one place at once. This is not only saving money but also a very important moment that Dj has already worked with the presenter and understands him, when you need to muffle the sound, when to increase.

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