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How to please the guests at the wedding

A wedding is the most long-awaited and exciting event for the young people. Without the audience, that is, without guests, this holiday would not be so magical and interesting, so you should try to make the holiday memorable not only for yourself but also for the guests.

To begin with, it is worth analyzing the list of future guests of the celebration. There shouldn’t be people for the sake of quantity, invite only really important and close friends and relatives.

How to please your guests at the celebration?

1. a lot depends on how you invite to the celebration. Whether it will be a normal phone call or a beautiful postcard invitation (whether you made it yourself or bought it), handed personally into your hands.

2. There is such a nice tradition – to please guests with small gifts as a keepsake. You can give souvenirs, sweets, something handmade. This item depends on the capabilities and imagination of the newlyweds.

3. After the wedding ceremony, if there is still a little time left before the banquet, you can organize a walk on a motor ship, on horses or a retro streetcar.

4. If guests arrive at the place of the banquet before the young people, the painful wait can be turned into a mini buffet. You can also ask the toastmaster/host to introduce guests to each other, to arrange competitions.

5. You can find a separate photographer for the guests. You can come up with different interesting props for photo shoots.

6. Take the choice of toastmaster/hostess seriously. In addition to organizational skills and sense of humor, the host should not offend or embarrass the guests with his pranks and jokes.

7. The first wedding dance is very touching and sweet. Delight both yourself and your guests with such a treat. Now it is possible for a few classes in choreographic studios to put on a wedding dance.

8. If the guests will come with children, they will not be interested to sit and listen to adults. Therefore it is possible to hire an animator. And the kids will have fun, and the adults will be relaxed.

Satisfied guests are a great mood for the young people!

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