Winter Wedding

Most newlyweds plan their nuptials for the warm season, but a winter wedding also has merit. A winter wedding with wedding videographer Toronto can be original and unusual. It will be decorated by the surrounding nature, soft,

The surrounding nature, the soft and fluffy snow on the trees and houses and the New Year’s mood will decorate it.

Invitations for a winter wedding

Invitation cards should be combined with the overall color scheme of the interior and outfits of the newlyweds. In this case, they can be snow-white with silvery patterns (for example, snowflakes, hearts). Also will look great deep blue invitations with contrasting snowflakes. Unusual patterns can be decorated with words indicating the time, place and style of the event.

The place of the winter wedding

As for, a banquet, it can be held at any restaurant. Any place can be decorated so as to create an atmosphere of fairy tale and magic. A more attractive option may be a country hotel, where you can walk outside, start fireworks, play snowballs, etc. Experts recommend choosing a banquet hall with a fireplace (it will create a more cozy atmosphere). Another place for a winter wedding is a country cottage or homestead with a large hall (living room).

Bride and groom’s outfits

Most brides dresses have no sleeves and open shoulders, so they can be cold. A winter wedding is better spent in a velvet dress with sleeves or an open attire with a warm shawl, cape, mini-jacket, or fur. To emphasize the New Year’s theme, you should choose a shiny dress with sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, etc.

As for the color of the dress, the white dress will go well with the snowy nature. In this case it can be complemented by a belt or ruffle in red, green (or in the color of the interior).

The bride’s jewelry deserves special attention. The ideal choice for a winter wedding is Tara Weddings accessories with diamonds-links.

The groom should choose a three-piece suit in gray or black. A colored boutonniere will create a great ensemble with the trim of the future wife’s dress.

The bride’s hair and headpiece

To make a hairstyle for a winter celebration, you will need extra fixation. In winter, you should not make a high hairstyle and separate hair into separate strands, otherwise they will disintegrate. As accessories are suitable: a white hoop, hairpins and hairpins with rhinestones. A veil with pearls, a lace veil, feathers, and a shawl can cover the bride’s head.

Guest attire

The maid of honor and bridesmaids should choose outfits in the color of the interior and the bride’s dress. For example, the interior in silver and blue colors will decorate the beauties in blue dresses with silver trim. At the same time, they can also be insulated with a jacket, shawl or pelerine.

A great idea for a winter wedding is flower girls, symbolizing the happiness of the young people. They can be given baskets with rose petals. The girls should be dressed in a beautiful dress or masquerade costume (elf, snowflake). Instead of petals, they can be given small snowflakes, glitter or confetti.

Relatives and guests usually dress to their liking. If the newlyweds want to celebrate the wedding in a certain style, they should designate the dress code in the invitation cards. It will turn out very beautiful if the whole event is decorated in the same ensemble.

Decorating the wedding venue

All decorative elements of the interior should correspond to the chosen scenario of the holiday. A room decorated with green, red, white-red or blue glitter balloons will look very beautiful.

Draperies of colored fabrics, such as a combination of transparent tulle and velvet, can be a good decoration. As for colors, it’s better to choose contrasting tones: white, green, silver and blue. To create a New Year’s atmosphere, you can hang Christmas tree balls, put Christmas tree branches with snow on the tables, decorated candles.

If you place a lot of candles (or electric lights) on the tables, you can give the hall an unusual magical glow.

Winter wedding ideas

The options for a winter wedding are a great many.

A winter wedding, played in the Russian folk style, deserves special attention. It organizes festivities in nature, songs, round dances, Russian folk games, invites various musical groups. Guests will also remember: sledding, skating, horses, snowball games and other folk amusements. In the design of such a wedding often find samovars, baranki, earflaps, scarves, valenki with folk patterns, firewood in the yard.